Botermans Petroleum Engineering is founded in 2012 by Wouter Botermans, MSc. Petroleum Engineering. During his career of 21 years he demonstrated his engineering skills in various roles:

  • Research Technician
  • Field Engineer
  • Production Technologist
  • Operational Reservoir Engineer
  • Well Site Supervisor
  • Lead Reservoir Engineer
  • Development Lead

Checking perforation gun assembly

His work concentrated on engineering with a focus on results in the field. This is why he worked in both the field and in the office.
One of the strong skills of Botermans is the analysis of opportunities and problems in reservoirs and wells and the translation in to a workable field program.
The goal of B-PES is to present integrated petroleum engineering services to companies that need down to earth and high quality engineering for recovery and and production optimisation.

B-PES has a large network of experts and complementary consultancy firms. This will allow B-PES to scale up and handle small and large projects.

Recently B-PES started to collect investment opportunities to facilitate business development for operators and investors. This is based on portfolio management in which economic projects do not always receive the funding to be executed. We can evaluate opportunities and determine an economic value. With this knowledge we can find investors to participate under various contract forms in the recovery and production optimisation.

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