Business Support

B-PES provides support in evaluation of business opportunities. Examples are:

  • Dataroom visits
  • Reserves calculations
  • CAPEX & OPEX estimations
  • Project planning
  • NPV and VIR calculations


Example projects are:

  • Gas storage development: made technical-economic-commercial model for optimization of cushion gas / work volume ratio and wells versus compression power engineering.
  • Oil and gas project portfolio management: set up model to determine value of a multiple prospect area to map value and CAPEX investment schedule.
  • Data room and field development plan prospect in East Africa: carried out in depth review on oil development opportunity in East Africa. Designed FPD and carried out cost estimations to calculate NPV and VIR.
  • Review of mature gas area for investment: dataroom visit for identification of value of mature field and additional prospects in offshore area, Ireland
  • Shale oil investment value review: dataroom visit to understand the value of an existing shale oil field in the South of the USA. Reviewed drilling and fracking practices to develop expected production profiles and CAPEX/OPEX schedule. Calculated NPV and VIR.

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