Down to Earth

Basics, Best Practices and Technology

We are a “down to earth” petroleum engineering consultancy and are passionate about our job.

Our mission is to optimize reservoir recovery and well performance.

The B-PES approach is to get the basics right at the start of any project. Together with our clients we review the geology, the reservoir, well completion and last but not least, operational conditions.

Then we evaluate the reservoir and well performance to compare the potential with the actual conditions.

Possible opportunities and problems can then be mapped, and solutions can be defined.

We have great experience in Well Services Engineering and Execution. A correct translation of the intervention goals into a workable field program and on-site project management is critical. B-PES knows how to do that.

Our aim is to be as cost effective as possible. The focus here is on maximizing the use of existing methods and tools to integrate knowledge and operate the field at optimum conditions. In the case that the best practices are not optimum, new technology will be called in. Together with our clients we can manage the selection and introduction of new technologies in the field.

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