April 2020:

  • Geothermal well design evaluation the Netherlands

Provide evaluation of well design of geothermal development in The Netherlands.

Achievement: delivered evaluation report about reservoir completion, sand control and adviced on geomechanics

February – March 2020:

  • Geothermal well Evaluation Denmark

B-PES was asked to provide a well analysis of two geothermal development opportunities in Denmark.

Achievement: delivered evaluation report about corrosion, well performance, conceptual well design

2019 – 2020:

  • Reservoir Engineering Support Australia Gas Discovery – Perth Basin

Together with one of its partners, B-PES provided reservoir engineering support to a new well, drilled in the Perth Basin.

Achievement: provided well test design advice, well test evaluation, production calculations, corrosion engineering support

February 2020:

  • Visit to Uganda

Together with Tribes International, B-PES visited Uganda to evaluate business opportunities in the country. Purpose was to establish a network with key players and understand the potential development projects.

Achievement: built network of key players and signed NDA with one of the license owners

October 2019:

  • Teaching Petroleum Engineering at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname

For the second time B-PES has presented two Petroleum Engineering courses to students in Suriname:

    • Production Systems and Engineering
    • Production Optimization

A group of 18 students followed classes for 14 days. Exams and practical exercises were made in February-March 2020.

November 2018 – April 2020:

  • Interim Petroleum Engineer Dutch Gas Reservoirs and Wells

B-PES worked as interim Petroleum Engineer for a Dutch operator of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and two large gas storage fields on:

    • Well work engineering, execution and evaluation
    • Well testing: design, execution and evaluation
    • Reservoir engineering of mature gas fields and tail end production engineering
    • Gas well liquid loading evaluation
    • Reservoir Engineering on one of Europe’s largest gas storage systems
    • CO2 injection project appraisal stage
    • Prospect evaluation: Reservoir engineering & economics
    • Data Management

Achievement: delivered various well work programs, well tests, reports for project decisions


  • Investment Evaluation – East Africa

Together with partners, B-PES is currently evaluating the opportunities to obtain a license and invest in the development of oil and gas fields in East Africa. We are in contact with the authorities and have been evaluating dataroom information. Our aim is to obtain a license and deliver investment proposals to larger capital funds and possible operator partners. Ultimate goal is to bring gas and oil fields into production and support the develop of the regional economy.

Achievement: access to dataroom and contact with authorities (to be continued)

  • Investment Proposal – South East Asia

B-PES was involved in a study on a condensate-gas field opportunity. In order to attract investors, B-PES worked on the detailed analysis of historical data, reaching back to 1930’s. Despite the very limited information, an investment proposal including preliminary economics was composed.

Achievement: Delivered investment proposal

  • Investment Proposal – Middle East

Together with Sky Energy Partners, B-PES worked on an investment proposal for the development of a fractured carbonate reservoir in the Middle East. The team presented the opportunity to an investor, who submitted a bid. The team demonstrated the ability to arrange the legal documents, lead the discussion and deliver a term sheet for initialization of negotiations.

Achievement: facilitated business framework for investment negotiations

  • Investment Proposal – South East Asia

B-PES was involved in a study on a condensate-gas field opportunity. In order to attract investors, B-PES worked on the detailed analysis of historical data, reaching back to 1930’s. Despite the very limited information, an investment proposal including preliminary economics was composed.

Achievement: Delivered investment proposal

  • Geothermal Well Services – Netherlands

B-PES was asked for assistance in various geothermal projects:
– Insert casing string / scab liner in corroded well
– Coiled tubing clean out design for injection and production well
– Design of coiled tubing clean of production well + on site support
– Wellbore stability modelling for drilling new geothermal wells
– Radial jetting evaluation for geothermal wells

Achievement: Successful completion of well services activities in geothermal wells


  • On-site well services support – Middle East

An operator in the Middle East required engineering and well interventions to perforate, stimulate and test a newly drilled well in a fractured carbonate field. B-PES was approached by the technical team to provide a perforating program, stimulation design and well test design and planning. We were able to deliver a producing well and gathered significant well test information to improve the understanding of the geological characteristics and the performance of the reservoir.

Achievement: Delivered well flowing above expectations

  • Full field review and optimization of FDP strategy – Middle East

We reviewed a field development plan for a fractured carbonate field. By studying drilling reports and applying basic reservoir engineering the oil-water-contact in the field could be determined and volume were re-calculated. With the new model we proposed an appraisal stage development plan and carried out economic calculations.

Achievement: Provided a realistic overview for improved business planning.

  • Gas well deliquification special project – Netherlands

For a gas well with a high water production rate we performed a special study. The proposal was to install an Electric Submersible Pump in the well to lift the water and improve gas production. The outcome was that the water influx was too high for such an application. Based on reservoir engineering information it was decided to drill a side track.

Achievement: Avoided installation of non applicable technique and assisted client in decision making process

  • Gas condensate field re-development plan review and recommendations – Middle East

An operator in the Middle East required a review of a re-development plan of an offshore gas-condensate field, In a few days we reviewed the geology, inflow of the different layers and the well performance. Based on the findings it was recommended to carry out water shut-off operations in stead of the proposed but non-effective installation of artificial lift.

Achievement: provided new insight in required well interventions for continuation of recovery

  • Geothermal support subsurface support – The Netherlands

For an geothermal operating company B-PES coordinated the appraise stage development plan for a geothermal project. Based on the report subsidies were approved and the company can continue with the next stage, the define stage, of the project.

Achievement: Obtained approval for subsidies and continuation of project to define stage

  • Teaching at university of Suriname, South America

Based on the practical experience and theoretical knowledge of B-PES, we were invited to teach at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. Two courses were presented, including exams and practical exercises: Production Systems & Engineering and Production Optimization.

Achievement: Students performed very well and passed exams.

  • Geothermal well completion advice

Reviewing regional geology and core data for estimating of sand control risks during high rate water injection. The study and advice allowed the operators to make a balanced decision about the type of liner to be installed.

Achievement: Client was able to make a correct decision about completion.

2016 and before:

  • Field development planning and team management – Germany, The Netherlands

Providing integrated field development planning including economics and supervision during drilling and well services. Making well services programs and execution supervision. Assisted in team management and general petroleum engineering for start-up oil company.

  • Integrated Petroleum Engineering Training – Middle East

Teaching for a group of 20 junior and senior professionals of large national oil company in middle east (see course description).

  • Representative for Field Development for start-up oil company – Middle East

Presented company capabilities to large national oil company.

  • Data Management Software Development with consultancy – The Netherlands

Development and market evaluation of software for data management and data base searching for oil and gas companies.

  • Review completion plan Nigerian offshore oil field – Nigeria

Special focus on the installation of sand screens and down hole valves for inflow control.

  • Software application market review – The Netherlands

Carried out evaluation of possible applications of geomechanical software in E&P business

  • Sand control and completion study of oil field – India

Challenging wellbore stability and sand control issues due to highly compressible trust zone. Provided analytical wellbore stability model, revision of completion plan including production recovery and well performance calculations.

  • Drilling and recovery improvement plan oil field – Serbia

Identification of reserves, well performance issues and possible solutions for highly depleted oil field

  • Teaching Field Development and Economics – The Netherlands

Yearly 1 day class room teaching of basics of field development and economics to high school students

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